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Our General Election Statement


EU in Brum is a Birmingham-based campaigning group for everyone from all backgrounds, of all parties and none. We give Remainers in Birmingham, and the rest of the UK, a loud voice.

We are now nearly three and a half years into our battle to Remain in the European Union. But a Conservative majority on December 12th would dash any chance of the UK staying in and leading the EU.

After carefully studying the political landscape of Birmingham, we have identified three constituencies with incumbent candidates whose majority in 2017 was under 10,000 votes and who now face a significant challenge from the Conservatives. The three candidates have also demonstrated that they are pro-Remain and actively working to oppose a Hard Brexit. 


Although all three of these candidates are from the Labour Party, and EU in Brum is not affiliated to a political party, we have decided to actively campaign together in each of those constituencies to assist those MPs in their bids to be re-elected to Parliament.

They are:


Richard Burden, MP for Northfield


Jack Dromey, MP for Erdington

Preet Gill, MP for Edgbaston



A Conservative majority would enable Boris Johnson to ram through a Brexit deal which would strip us of our privileges as European citizens and put everyone’s rights at risk. It would cause political paralysis for years, if not decades, to come. The Brexit Party’s decision to stand many of their candidates down suggests that Boris Johnson has committed to a No Deal scenario in just over a year’s time. This scenario would cause unimaginable economic damage to this country, open up the NHS to the likes of Donald Trump, and almost certainly break apart the Union. 

It’s vital that everyone who does not want this outcome for themselves, for their children, and for this country uses their vote to ensure the Conservatives are removed from power and cannot impose their destructive deal.



The nature of the First-Past-the-Post system used in general elections is yet another obstacle for us to overcome. Therefore, we have to vote smartly, through Tactical Voting. For you, that could mean voting for a candidate from a party you don’t normally support, or even agree with much of the time. Even if this is unpalatable now, think about what the future might hold if we don’t get it right on December 12th.     

As the election day draws closer, we will make further recommendations about who we would suggest you support in each constituency our group covers, based upon our observations and the combined recommendations from the People’s Vote, Best for Britain and Remain United tactical voting websites.


We hope that you will join us in our campaigning across the three constituencies over the next three weeks. Even one hour of your time can make a big difference to the outcome of this election. Our sole aim is to stop Brexit - get it wrong, and we won’t get a second chance.  

Write to Your MP
The single most important thing you can do!   See here for easy templates.

Upcoming Events

Due to campaigning, there is no group meeting this week. Our final meeting of 2019 will be on Wednesday 18th December.

We are (very) active in three Birmingham constituencies: Northfield, Edgbaston and Erdington.

In each seat we are campaigning for the Labour Party candidates as a route to a People's Vote and Remain and, most importantly, to prevent Conservative gains - enabling a Conservative majority and thereby Brexit. We explain our strategy and reasoning in the statement to your left.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest information and how you can help to campaign for Remain.


Ask to join our constituency WhatsApp groups to keep in touch and join all our campaigning activities.

For more details please keep checking the Events Page

Birmingham City Council back a people's vote

On Tuesday 6 November BCC backed a People's Vote with the option to remain. Well done everyone who helped campaign for this result.   Read the full article in the Birmingham Post

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