General Election 2019 - Campaign for Remain

EU IN BRUM is out campaigning daily with the Labour Party in Northfield, Edgbaston and Erdington.

In each of these seats, the previous Labour MP is vulnerable to losing to a Conservative, so tactical voting and campaigning for the Labour Party is essential.

Labour is committed to a People's Vote and giving us a Final Say on brexit.


A Conservative majority in Parliament however would result in destructive brexit so we must do all we can to stop this and protect our future, rights, jobs and environment through Remaining in the European Union.

Get involved and get out campaigning by contacting us on Twitter @euinbrum, Facebook /EUINBRUM or email

We also have WhatsApp groups for each constituency so you can keep in touch and catch the details of every campaigning activity.

Time is very short and this is the election of our lives. This is our last chance to Remain and keep our best deal, as well as avoid destructive brexit which would be so damaging for our city and lives.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you on the campaign trail.

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