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  1. The Society shall be called EU in Brum.

  2. The Objectives of the Society shall be

    • to campaign by any of the customary political methods within and beyond Birmingham, for the United Kingdom to Remain a full member of the European Union, or to re-join if it leaves; and

    • to promote solidarity with citizens of the other Member States of the European Union who live in Birmingham.

  3. The Society shall have Supporters and Members. Any person who agrees with the Objectives of the Society may become a Supporter. The Members shall be collectively known as the Caucus and may co-opt any Supporter who is willing to work towards achieving the Objectives of the Society. The Society may levy subscriptions on its Supporters and Members.

  4. The Society shall maintain a designated website and lists of electronic mail addresses of its Members and Supporters. Any Notice to them must be made by both of these methods.

  5. The Caucus shall conduct the business of the Society, using a simple majority vote to resolve any disagreements. It shall appoint a Committee consisting of a Convenor, a Treasurer and other Members with or without named roles, as it deems fit. If the offices of Convenor or Treasurer fall vacant between General Meetings, the Caucus shall appoint their successors.

  6. The Society shall hold a General Meeting of its Supporters, not more than thirteen months after the Founding or previous General Meeting, giving seven days' Notice. At the General Meeting the Treasurer shall give an account of the Society's financial affairs, to be approved by a vote. A new Convenor and Treasurer shall be elected or re-elected, using secret single transferable vote if the election is contested.

  7. The Convenor and Treasurer shall, following the intructions of the Caucus, give to the Society's Bank(s) written notice of

    • how payments may be made from the Society's funds;

    • any changes in the offices of Convenor or Treasurer and

    • the criteria that the Bank shall apply to determine whether the Society has ceased operating and what it should then do with any remaining funds.

  8. The Society may co-operate with any political party, other organisation or individual that shares its Objectives. It may affiliate to any organisation with the same Objectives, but not to a political party that has Members of Parliament. Working with one political party shall not exclude also doing so with another.

  9. The Society may register to be a campaigning organisation under the applicable Legislation in the event of another Referendum regarding the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union.

  10. This Constitution may be amended, the Society may merge with another organisation having similar Objectives, or it may be wound up, by a two thirds majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting of Supporters for which they been given fourteen days' notice of this business.

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